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St Peter's Fund for Special Ministry

St Peter's Fund for Special Ministry

An endowment for the support of ministry outside the congregation

The St Peter’s Fund for Special Ministry is an independently managed fund, established to enable extended ministries by St. Peter’s people.  It supports significant ministry extensions that the congregation could not support through regular benevolence.

Recent awardees include  the Parish Resource Center, St. John the Divine Nightwatch Ministry, the American Legion, King of Kings New Windsor, Lutheran Counseling Center, LMHE, First Presbyterian of Port Jervis, and the Seafarers InternationaL.

Fund disbursements are made to four broad categories of ministry.  

  • Proclamation — support of specific missions or missionaries intended to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, commissioning of printed or other resources to proclaim the Gospel, etc.
  • Worship — support of special worship events, worship space improvements (at St. Peter’s or other congregations), commissioning of worship materials, etc.  
  • Educational Ministry — support of schools, of educational events, of the education of church workers or congregational members,  etc.  
  • Service — efforts to heal the brokenness of body and soul through care of the homeless, the elderly, victims of violence or oppression, etc.  

Proposals are due by April 9 2021 for award as of July 1, 2021.  Click here for the most recent request for proposal (subject to change for each year.)

Click here for a copy of the charter.